Pure CSS Dashed Shadow Text Animation

Text animation designed by Heidi Olsen, the text has a dashed shadow effect giving it a 3D effect.

Portfolio Pages Responsive Device Animation

A great way to showcase responsive website design on your portfolio pages designed by Henrique MΓΌller. As you change the size of the window the content changes to fit...

CSS Only Mobile Friendly Comic Book Layout

Here is a pure CSS mobile friendly comic book grid layout that you can use in your next web design project, it was designed by Chris Smith

Comicbook Inspired Hand Drawn Borders

Here are some pure CSS borders that looks like it was pulled from a comic book, it has got that distinct hand-drawn look and feel to it. If you...

Hand-Drawn Border Buttons in CSS

Here are some great button designs that makes the buttons looks like hand-drawn buttons, it was designed by Tiffany Rayside. There are six styles to choose from Lined, Dotted...

Pizza Toggle Switch in CSS

How cool would it be to see your favorite pizza shop use toggle switch use this design to show if you want to add various toppings? Thanks to the...

Pure CSS Text Revealing Animation

With this CSS only text animation designed by Nooray Yemon, the hidden text is revealed after fading the initial text on the screen.

Pure CSS Pulsating Heart Animation

Everyone loves a good heart animation and this one is a pulsating heart icon animation.

Glowing Social Icon Hover Animation

A bunch of social media icons designed with neon effect on hover designed by Rajeshdn.

Newton’s Cradle Loading Animation

Here is a Newton’s Cradle loading animation designed by Steven Traversi.