Pure CSS Netflix Style Text Animation

Here is a text animation snippet designed by Nooray Yemon. It helps you recreate the classic Netflix intro text in your next web design projects.

Pure CSS Facebook Emoji Reactions

Want to recreate the Facebook emoji reactions on your webpage? Checkout these pure CSS snippet designed by Ashish Bardhan.

Toggle Switch Collection Using Pure CSS With Custom Properties

Here are some CSS only toggle buttons that were designed by Stas Melnikov. There are a few styles to choose from circular or square toggles and with different colours...

Pure CSS Gradient Colour Slide Puzzle Style Loading Animation

This pure CSS gradient loading animation was designed by Andreas Hjortland it feels like a slider puzzle, there is a colourful version of this too.

Pure CSS Drawer Menu

A pure CSS drawer menu designed by Mattia Astorino. When you click on the open menu button it loads up the menu which slides in from the left.

Pure CSS Gradient Underline Hover Animation

A gradient link hover effect designed by Nick Noordijk where the link underline changes colour when you hover over it.

Pure CSS Progress Card With Animation

With these CSS only snippet designed by Chris Smith you can show progress cards that animates the % of the progress on the card. Will look great on card...

Pure CSS Solid Colour Slide Puzzle Style Loading Animation

With this loader animation, which is done in pure CSS you can see that it looks like a slider puzzle with multiple squares moving in and out trying to...

Pure CSS Spotlight Like Text Animation

A spectacular text animation where you have multiple spotlights like effect hovering over the characters in the text. It looks visually very epic. This pure CSS code snippet was...

Pure CSS Twitter Icon Flashing Author Card

With this flashing twitter author card, you can place your profile image with a twitter logo overlay that flashes in and out.This pure CSS code snippet is designed by...