CSS Only Simple Drop Down Navigation Menu

Here is a very simple but elegant navigation menu with a drop down, it can work with any website and is a pure CSS snippet.

CSS only Mobile Friendly Table Layout

This responsive CSS only table design was designed by Flor Antara. We have a table with a header and on smaller devices like mobile phones the header is switched...

Awake to Sleeping Totoro Toggle

Here is a movie inspired pure CSS toggle switch designed by Adam Kuhn. The Totoro will switch from an awake to a sleeping state on click. Totoro was a...

Ice Cube to Flame Toggle Switch

Here is a CSS only toggle switch design for a checkbox where you have the option to switch between an ice cube and a flame it can work well...

Multi Layered Button Hover Effect in Pure CSS

With this pure CSS script by Raul Dronca you can add a fancy button to your website that has a cool layered effect on hover.

CSS Only CRT Inspired Glitchy Effect for Text

Here is a text effect that is purely in CSS designed by Zed Dash. This glitch effect for text was inspired by the CRT screens.

CSS Only Responsive Timeline Snippet

This CSS only snippet by Bruno Rodrigues is great when you want to have a timeline on your site and the best part is that this is mobile friendly....

Change Background Gradient on Scrolling

This is a stunning effect when you want to animate you background with gradients that changes on scroll. This CSS only snippet was designed by Mike.

CSS Only Responsive Navigation Menu

If you need a simple responsive CSS only navigation menu you will love this one by Mayur Suthar. On mobile, the menu turns into a hamburger menu and on...

Hover Color Fill Link Animations

You will love these lovely link hover effects by Agustin Sevilla, there are 2 effects one with a little bounce effect when you hover over the link which will...