3D Uppercase Text With Shadow

A nice little text animation that features an awesome 3D text effect designed by Mandy Michael.

Button Border and Text Color Fill On Hover

With this CSS only snippet designed by Giana has a cool button animation when you hover over it, the colour of the text and border changes from the bottom...

Pure CSS Cartoon Style Angled Button

Here is an epic cartoon style button for websites designed by Imran Pardes, it has got an amazing hover effect too.

Hamburger Menu Icon to MENU Transformation on Hover

With this CSS only snippet designed by IlyasR, when you hover over the hamburger menu icon Ξ it changes to the word MΞNU.

Marker Pen Effect On Text Animation

Here is a bunch of CSS only hover animation mimicking the effect of highlighting text using a marker pen.

CSS Only Horizontal Family Tree

We have seen a vertical family tree in pure CSS and now we a horizontal flowchart designed by Peiwen Lu.

Blurry Wavy Text Animation

This is an epic blur text animation in pure CSS designed by Yusuke Nakaya. The text is broken up and then it moves around in a wavy fashion.

Horizontal Timeline With Fade In Content Area

A minimal horizontal timeline in pure CSS designed by Peiwen Lu. When you select any one of the entries the content block above the timeline fades in and displays...

Color Cycle Animation for Text

In this cute pure CSS text animation designed by Gabriel Cyrillo you get the rainbow colors cycling through the background.

Squash and Stretch Text Animation using Variable Font

Here is another variable font demo by Mandy Michael. In this css only text animation, you have 2 part text one which squashes while the other stretches giving the...