Loading Text Spinning around a Sphere

Here is a really cool loading text animation that keeps spinning around a sphere by Jon Kantner, it can work well for text-based loading screens.

Soccer Ball Hexagon Pattern Loader

A very simple SVG soccer ball hexagon pattern loader for sports websites by Eyal Cohen.

Loop-the-loop bike loader in CSS

Remember the loop from jackass? Want a similar loop-the-loop bike loader in pure CSS for your next website? This snippet by Adam Doherty might be just what you are...

Elite Dangerous Loader in Pure CSS

Looking to add a preloader to your website this Elite Dangerous game inspired loader might be just what you are looking for. It was designed by James Panter. It...

Rotating Pizza Slice Preloader

In this SVG preloader, you have a slice of pizza that keeps spinning and it will look perfect on food-related websites. Designed using GSAP by Chris Gannon.

Cheesy Pizza Loader

We have another circular preloader designed by a hungry designer πŸ˜‰ Patrick Stillhart. In this loader, we have a pizza with one slice missing and the other slices keep...

15 Amazing Free UI/UX Kits

The CodeMyUI team has put together a list of 15 Free UI/UX kits that we think will not only inspire you as you deliver world-class solutions for yourself and...

Fried Egg Loader

We have another food inspired design for you all today, this one was designed by Chris Gannon. We have multiple fried eggs appearing one after the other indicating a...

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