Pure CSS Pressed Style Text Animation

This is a text effect designed by Tryggvi Gylfason. There is a small cursor like element that moves from left to right and back and as this moves the...

Pure CSS 3D Christmas Tree Animation

You can use this pure CSS snippet to add a fancy christmas tree animation to you webpage, it was designed by Ana Travas.

Pure CSS Ken Burns Effect

A nice little CSS only Ken Burns effect for image sliders designed by Dima. When the image loads it rotates anti-clockwise while zooming out giving the image a really...

Text Field Gradient Border on Focus

Here is a fancy focus effect for a text field designed by Rik Schennink. When you focus on the rounded text field by clicking on it the gradient border...

Pure CSS Flat Santa Icon

Here is a Pure CSS flat Santa icon designed by Ali Khalilifar. This will look good on you Christmas themed webpage.

Fading text with CSS blend modes

A really cool text effect with CSS blend mode designed by Giana. When you hover over the faded text it comes into view.

Pure CSS Zoom In Blocks On Hover

This snippet designed by Emily Goldfein has a grid layout with a hover effect where the cards zoom in on hover.

Pure CSS Fullscreen Navigation Menu

This hamburger menu designed by HΓ₯vard Brynjulfsen will expand into a full screen navigation menu on click.

Back & Forward Arrow Animation Using SVG

Need some neat animations for your paginated pages next and back arrows? Then this back and forward icons designed by Karim might be just what you need. When you...

Peel Away Sticker Text Effect

A really cool CSS only text effect designed by Mandy Michael. It feels like the text is peeling away like a sticker.

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