iOS Toggle Switch

A simple iOS toggle switch for your web projects. It was designed by Daniel Hannih

Day And Night Toggle Switch Animation

A day/night toggle switch which changes the background colour when you switch between the on and off state. In this snippet, when you switch to the daylight state the...

Day Night Toggle Switch That Changes Background Color

This simple input field is styled to look like a day-night toggle switch, it was designed by Joseph Shenton. You get the option to switch between day and night...

Windows 10 Toggle Button in Pure CSS

Want to use the Windows 10 toggle switch in your next web project? No worries use this handy little snippet by Kunuk Nykjaer that applies the Windows 10 styling...

Toggle Switch With ON/OFF State

A button that toggles between on and off state on click. Designed by Håvard Brynjulfsen

Rounded Toggle Switch

A nice little-rounded toggle switch that you can use in your web projects. Click on it toggles from on to off state, neatly depicted by green and red colours....

Pure CSS AM/PM Toggle Switch

Check out this cool pure CSS am/pm toggle switch with day and night animation. Designed by Benjamin Réthoré

Pure CSS Minion Themed Toggles

Minion themed toggle switches in pure CSS. Designed by Mohab El-Hamzawy.

Pure CSS Gooey Toggle Switch

Toggle switch with nice gooey effect. Designed by Vincent Durand.

Pure CSS toggle with cross and tick animation

This is a beautiful toggle switch animation that morphs into a cross or tick with a smooth animation. Designed by Nikolay Talanov