Pancake Toggle Switch in CSS

Time for another food-related toggle switch. This CSS only snippet was designed by Adam Kuhn. You can also check out some of the other food inspired toggle designs inspired...

Hot Dog Toggle Switch in CSS

We have toggle switches for pizza, burrito and sushi and now we have one for a hot dog, this was designed by Adam Kuhn and is in pure CSS.

Burrito Roll Toggle Switch in CSS

We have seen some really fancy CSS toggle switches and this one comes from Adam Kuhn. When you click on the tortilla, the burrito is made and rolled all...

Toggle Switch Collection Using Pure CSS With Custom Properties

Here are some CSS only toggle buttons that were designed by Stas Melnikov. There are a few styles to choose from circular or square toggles and with different colours...

Sushi Style Toggle Button

A really cute cartoon style sushi toggle switch, on click it changes from a salmon sushi to a cucumber sushi.It was designed by Chris Gannon.

Pizza Toggle Switch in CSS

How cool would it be to see your favorite pizza shop use toggle switch use this design to show if you want to add various toppings? Thanks to the...

Colour Changing Toggle Switch

A fancy toggle switch that changes color on each click, designed by Alex Shevlyakov.

BB-8 Toggle Switch

If you love movie inspired web design, you will love this simple Star Wars BB-8 toggle switch designed by Pedro Cacique, it was created using only CSS.

A Like/Hate Toggle Switch

A checkbox designed to look like a toggle switch that you can switch to like or hate mode, designed by Felix De Montis.

Realistic CSS Switch

A checkbox input field designed to look like a toggle switch. This is a pure CSS snippet, designed by Nathan Taylor.