Randomly Shuffle Character On Hover

A jQuery plugin that helps you randomly shuffle characters on hover. Designed by B L I V E S T A

3D Text Animation On Hover

If you want to add zoom in effect for your text this might be a good little snippet for you. Designed by Gerard Ferrandez.

SVG Text Spinning Wheel

Cool spinning wheel text effect using SVG. Designed by Patrick Rodacker.

Sub-headings and Content Style

This is a good code snippet you can use to style multiple sub-headings and content within them. Designed byΒ Kevin Lesht

The Intern Trailer Text Animation

Do you want to recreate the awesome text animation from The Intern trailer have a look at this pen byΒ Balint Polgarfi.

Animated Background Knockout Text

Checkout this knockout text with animated background using CSS. Designed by Kev Durber.

Border With Transparent H1 Intersection

This example uses two absolutely positioned “lines” to take the place of the top border. Designed by Dave Judd

3D Flip Navigation Menu with CSS

Check out this simple 3D flip effect in pure CSS This can be a great way to animate your navigation menu. Designed by David Walsh.

Shattering Text Animation

This is a cool text animation using SVG that shatters into pieces and if you want to see that in slowmo just hover. Designed by Arsen Zbidniakov

Multicolored Text Animation

Check out this cool multicolored scrolling up text animation. Designed byΒ Alex G

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