Fade Irrelevant Words in Paragraph on Hover

This pure CSS snippet allows you to fade the irrelevant words in a paragraph when you hover over it, thus highlighting the important words in the section. It was...

Clean Word Scrambler Effect

A simple word scrambler/shuffle text effect designed by Lauri. You can show multiple messages that is showed up like jumbled characters and then gets decoded to reveal the real...

Pure CSS Pressed Style Text Animation

This is a text effect designed by Tryggvi Gylfason. There is a small cursor like element that moves from left to right and back and as this moves the...

Fairy Dust Sparkle Effect for Typing Text

Here is a spectacular text effect designed by Rik Schennink, as you type into the text field the characters emits a sparkly fairy dust like effect. This effect will...

Fading text with CSS blend modes

A really cool text effect with CSS blend mode designed by Giana. When you hover over the faded text it comes into view.

Peel Away Sticker Text Effect

A really cool CSS only text effect designed by Mandy Michael. It feels like the text is peeling away like a sticker.

Pure CSS Netflix Style Text Animation

Here is a text animation snippet designed by Nooray Yemon. It helps you recreate the classic Netflix intro text in your next web design projects.

SVG Text Mask With Video Background

Want to show some text but instead of a solid colour you might want to use an image in the background or how about a video? This snippet designed...

Pure CSS Spotlight Like Text Animation

A spectacular text animation where you have multiple spotlights like effect hovering over the characters in the text. It looks visually very epic. This pure CSS code snippet was...

Pure CSS Dashed Shadow Text Animation

Text animation designed by Heidi Olsen, the text has a dashed shadow effect giving it a 3D effect.

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