15 Amazing Free UI/UX Kits

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The CodeMyUI team has put together a list of 15 Free UI/UX kits that we think will not only inspire you as you deliver world-class solutions for yourself and clients, but it will also help you bring your projects to market faster. These free UI/UX kits are developed by and made available by some of the most talented designers in the world. Enjoy!

Non-profit UI Kit

1. New non-profit UI Kit

By: Meagan Fisher

Meagan is a talented designer who continues to create work that inspires and challenges those in her field. Here is a non-profit UI kit for Adobe XD that you can use to help complete your next non-profit project.

2. Eggplore UI StyleGuide – Freebie

By: tmrw

The team at tmrw studios has released their debut shot and rather than just giving us an image to comment on they’ve provided the Eggplore UI Style Guide for FREE! Grab it now for Sketch and Figma

3. Customize the Meet Up UI Kit

By: Aurélien Salomon ➔

So Aurelien has blessed us with a gorgeous iOS UI Kit made for Adobe XD. With more than 80 screens organized in 6 categories you are sure to speed up the design process for your next app.

4. Smart Home—A digital UI kit for the physical world

By: InVision

In the future every appliance in your house will be connected to the internet. With that in mind, InVision has released a UI Kit for the future. One that focuses on the Smart Home you’ll live in 🙂

5. Mi Furniture :: Freebie

By: Tran Mau Tri Tam ✪

Ok, so this is a super clean, elegant, and absolutely beautiful Sketch App Template. Did I mention it’s free? With 7 art boards included in the design you’ll find more than enough inspiration for your next project.

6. Scratch—A UI Kit to nourish your creativity by InVision

By: InVision

InVision is taking the crown from Envato for tech company providing the most value to the design community. Scratch is UI kit for recipes and it will make the worse recipes look delectable. Scratch is available for Studio and Sketch and includes:

  • 100+ components/symbols
  • 10 Core screens
  • 3 artboard sizes

7. E-Comm Adobe XD UI Kit

By: Nimasha Perera

Ok, so E-Comm is all the rage right now. A new DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) company launches every minute it seems. So, you need to have a good eComm UI kit in your arsenal. This UI kit for Adobe XD contains 22 well organized and layered app screen designs, covering all the main user flows.

8. Velocity: A dashboard UI kit with a robust design system

By: InVision

Velocity is a free, responsively designed UI Kit from InVision. It’s available for InVision Studio, InVision Sketch, and Photoshop. The Kit includes:

  • 10 page layouts, with 70+ components
  • More than 300 UI elements, inspired by a dashboard to manage a a fleet of vehicles
  • A customizable color scheme based on nested symbols and text styles

9. Made with Plaster — Issue 2

By: Bunin Dmitriy

Issue 2 is a quirky UI Kit made with Plaster, an affordable mobile Design System.

10. Free AdobeXD Fashion Influencer UI Kit Videos Page Animation

By: Zhenya Rynzhuk

This Fashion Influencer UI Kit is the result of a collaboration between Zhenya Rynzhuk and Adobe XD. She’s included a video of how the UI should be animated and it’s as smooth as butter.

11. Explore Atlas: A travel app UI kit from InVision

By: InVision

There has been no better time in our history than now to travel the world. And millions of people do just that each day with the help of different software and apps. Here’s a UI kit for your next travel project. It’s a cross-platform UI kit filled with assets like:

  • 138 Screens
  • 300+ UI Elements
  • 50+ Icons

12. Card UI Kit

By: Charles Patterson

Card UI Kit is a multi-functional kit from Charles Patterson. It’s meant to inspire you regardless of the project.

13. Sello – Mininal E-Commerce Creative Website Template Freebie

By: Mahmudul Hasan Manik

Mahmudul delivers a sleek, minimal eCommerce Website template with multiple screens, layouts, and assets.

14. ShowTrackr: Free landing template for Sketch

By: Mousecrafted

ShowTrackr is a Free landing template for Sketch by Daniel Korpai, a UI designer from The Netherlands. His goal was to create a design that showcased the latest trends while focusing on conversions and other platform key metrics.

15. fitgoal—The UI Kit that checks itself out in the mirror

By: InVision

The Health and Fitness industries are growing rapidly, and the work and opportunities in that industry are growing with it. Stay on top of trends and be inspired by the fitgoal UI Kit. This kit has:

  • 30 screens
  • 179 components
  • 26 icons
Posted by:CodeMyUI Staff