Different Color  & Hover Effect Buttons

Here is the collection of buttons using HTML and LESS with addable class comes in different sizes, colors with and without highlight effect on hover. Designed by Taeha.

Nature themed button style

A nice button effect that shows trees and stars on button hover. Designed by Nick Ciliak

Delete button with hover confirmation animation

Want a cute little delete button what opens up a confirmation element on hover? check out this little delete button that does just that.Designed by William Pereira Gasparetto.

Gift Card UI using Clip-path animations

This is an amazing Gift Card UI using Clip-path animations designed by David Khourshid. Click on the buy button to see in being gift wrapped. 

CSS Button Border Hover Effects

This uses transform on before and after pseudo elements to create border effects on button hover with no javascript. By Les Moffat

Play Button in Pure CSS

A pure CSS play button. Would be great on media player’s and other projects with a play button. 

Button hover to underscore and check-box animation

These pure CSS buttons animate on hover to transform in to an underscore and to a check-box. 

Flat CSS Buttons with Hover Effect

A flat CSS button that has an animated drop down on hover. Designed by Benjamin Vilina.

Rounded Corner Social Buttons in CSS

Social icons for facebook, twitter, google, dribbble, skype with rounded off corners and hover animation in pure CSS and no JavaScript. By Chris Deacy.

Delete Button Concept with Hover Animation

Check out this fancy delete button with a nice hover animation by Chris Deacy. When you hover on this button the text slides away and the X symbol becomes...

Button liquid fill on hover

Check out this cool liquid fill effect on hover animation for this button. You can easily customize the speed and color of the fill using CSS.