Unfolding Dropdown Selector Animation

This is a nice little unfolding animation for a dropdown selector by Jon Kantner.

Slide-in from Right, Open from Center and Dropdown from Top Animation for HTML Table

We have three microinteraction animations for HTML tables by Chris Smith. The three styles are: Slide-in from right animation Open from centre animation like opening a book Dropdown from...

Notification UI with New and Old Messages

A simple notification concept UI with a CTA pulsating indicator showing the number of new unread notification. When you click on it you get a tooltip like drop-down with...

Material Design Drop Down Navigation Menu

Have a look at this material design inspired navigation menu with drop-down elements. This card UI inspired pure CSS snippet was designed by Connor Brassington.

CSS Only Simple Drop Down Navigation Menu

Here is a very simple but elegant navigation menu with a drop down, it can work with any website and is a pure CSS snippet.

Nested Drop-down Menu with CSS Animation

Here is a cool nested drop-down navigation menu that uses only CSS for animation. It was designed by Gabrielle Wee. When you click on the menu button, the rest...

Mobile Dropdown Menu

This mobile optimised dropdown was designed by Patrick Rice. When you click on the menu you get a dropdown of the navigation menu, clicking on it again will hide...

Curtain Dropdown List Effect

A button which clicked on drops down a list that can act as a navigation menu. It was designed by John Choura Jr.

15 Amazing Free UI/UX Kits

The CodeMyUI team has put together a list of 15 Free UI/UX kits that we think will not only inspire you as you deliver world-class solutions for yourself and...

5+ Creative Dropdown Effects for Lists

Looking to add some flair to your list elements? Have a look at these 8 dropdown effects for lists created in pure CSS by Ed Southgate. These can be...

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